International payrolling

"MILES looks, thinks and acts one step further by combining valuable knowledge, skills and experience with versatility. We find a solution for nearly every international payroll challenge."

Wide range of services

MILES supports you in the area of expatriate payments in numerous ways. We are happy to relieve you of all administrative, fiscal and legal tasks related to the international payrolling process. Immigration and temporary employment are also part of our field, and we can take care of your application for the 30% ruling as well. By unburdening you at every step, we help you stay focused on your core business. Wherever necessary, we work together with our partner LIMES international. 

Recognised sponsor with the IND

MILES specialises in pragmatic payroll solutions for foreign employees and highly skilled migrants (EU and non-EU) and is a Recognised Sponsor with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service). This allows us to place your international employees on our payroll and act as a legal employer.

MILES international payrolling | POWERED BY LIMES

In the Netherlands and abroad, demand for employees from outside the EU is growing. If you are planning to permanently or temporarily expand your organisation’s human capital with international employees, you will need to deal with complex and ever-changing local legislation and regulations. MILES adds value in this area and we unburden you at every step.