Introduction pack

When we cross borders, as individuals or as businesses, there is a lot involved, from work permits to international taxes and social insurance and everything in between. It is precisely this, often complex, specialist knowledge that is the strength of LIMES international. 

And it is this knowledge that we would like to share with you. In this introduction pack, you will find some of our memos with topics that our consultants work on every day.

Dear reader,

Feel free to scan through this eMagazine and navigate to the topics that apply to your situation, such as the 30% tax facility, salary split, or directors’ remuneration. 

These topics are just a small selection to give you an idea of what LIMES international can do for you. 

LIMES international offers you all the room to realise your cross-border ambitions. Let us know what we can do for you.

Team LIMES international


Introduction pack

For people and companies operating across national borders, specialised integral fiscal-legal support is crucial and adds value when it comes to realising international ambitions. LIMES international have been providing integrated services in the area of corporate tax, employee tax and social security for more than thirty years.

A small selection of informative memos to give you more insight in your personal situation and to get you more acquainted with the topics the LIMES-team works on,
on a daily basis. 

We believe in a flexible, fair and transparent billing relationship and understand that no one likes surprises..

If you are planning to permanently or temporarily expand your organisation’s human capital with international employees, you will need to deal with complex local legislation and regulations. MILES adds value in this area and we unburden you at every step.. 

At LIMES international, we continuously invest in international knowledge,
knowledge we like to share with you (only available in Dutch).

At LIMES international, we like to take complex issues and make them simple.
It was with this in mind that we developed the LEAN LIMES Tooling:
smart, digital solutions that support our 360° approach.