Tips and favourites

Who do you enjoy playing golf with the most?

"I enjoy playing golf the most with family and friends. Or with a golf pro of course."

Approximately 77,000,000 golf players globally

Did you know...

that the chance for a professional tour player to get a hole-in-one is one in 3,756? For a club player this is only one in 12,750.

When do you enjoy playing golf the most?

"The golf course is almost always open, unless there is a chance of thunderstorms. But, I enjoy playing golf the most on Saturdays in summer at the end of the afternoon. That's when the course is at its best."

Do you have any tips for starters? For both beginning entrepreneurs as well as beginners in golf.

"To both, I would say: do it. As for golf players: take lessons, preferably with a professional. I often see that when people don't take lessons, errors can creep into your technique. You may overlook or not notice these errors, but a teacher or professional always will. As for entrepreneurs, the same applies: work with specialised advisers, they can really help you out.