LIMES international and golf

What connects LIMES international and you to golf?

"Passion. Besides this, a large part of our clientele plays golf. Golf truly is a sport for (top) business people and an excellent way to connect and build relationships with (potential) clients. Moreover, tax consultancy and golf both have complex rules."

Did you know...

that golf players have, on average, a longer life expectancy of approximately 5 years? According to scientists, the relatively low and long-term intensity of movement, the open air and the social aspect of the sport are main reasons for this.

Did you know... a golf ball has a maximum weight of 45.93 gram and a diameter of 42.67 milimeter? It also has to be completely symmetrical.

What are the similarities between LIMES and golf?

"For both LIMES and golf, no day is the same. You face other, external factors or elements, which makes every case, client or hole different from the other. This requires creativity from the LIMES advisers and from the players in golf. Literally, but also figuratively: 'Any way the wind blows'."

How did you first come into contact with golf?

"I came into contact with golf relatively late, around my 50th. I have always played many sports, especially badminton, but never golf. It all started when I followed a clinic with a business relation. That day it really won me over. Looking back on it, I regret not starting earlier."