Global Mobility Solutions

LIMES international

In today’s world our clients are exploring international business opportunities more than ever. This means that Global Mbility nowadays is no longer a trend but also seen as critical to deploy and develop international talent. Whatever the case may be, all our clients are very well aware of the ever more costly, complex and time-consuming nature of the various legal, tax, social security and legal compliance requirements of a global mobile workforce. Employers and employees will have to deal with the issues involved and are in need of professional advice and guidance.

Through this Practice Group, members can:

  • identify the like-minded specialists within GGI;
  • find the global mobility support where their clients are establishing new businesses;
  • have access to a Global Mobility Knowledge Base;
  • improve business/personal relationships by networking at PG meetings;
  • increase their technical knowledge on global mobility issues;

Labour and Employment Law

Teekens Karstens

The specific goals of the GGI Practice Group Labour and Employment Law are the exchange of both knowledge and experience, enhancement of business opportunities, the promotion of contacts and the establishment of an international employment law network within GGI. The membership of this Practice Group is open to any member of GGI, especially attorneys-at-law, tax lawyers and accountants. As the field of labour and employment law is interesting for many professionals, we strive to organise Practice Group meetings that attract many GGI members from different disciplines.

To give some examples, the following topics are on our agenda:

  • Reorganisation and (international) restructuring;
  • Termination and severance payment;
  • (International) transfer of employees;
  • Harmonisation and unilateral amendment of employment conditions;
  • Data Protection in relation to International Transfer of Employees.