We would be happy to work for you. If you consider the world your playing field, our dedicated advisers are ready to support your international issues.


"Our goal is to unburden and facilitate you as much as possible, so you can focus on what you do best: conducting business at an international level and making the world your playing field."

In order to obtain the best results, we ask critical questions, explore new possibilities and find the questions behind your questions. We set ourselves apart precisely by finding the answers, ensuring you make a difference to your employees, clients and relations. We don’t just advise on cross-border activities, but are happy to implement our advice together with you. 

Our affiliation with Geneva Group International (GGI) and EuRA provides us with access to valuable local knowledge and expertise in more than 120 countries. We also have an extensive network of international service providers in every conceivable area.

Furthermore, for LIMES professionals, specialised knowledge is a lifeline. Through our LIMES academy, we share our know-how with clients and relations, during seminars, workshops and in-house presentations. This interaction always brings new insights and challenges. It ensures continuous alignment of knowledge with daily practice - and vice versa. 

The nature and complexity of today’s issues means we take an integrated approach to the aforementioned disciplines and combine these with VAT & customs, legal and immigration. We fully master these areas and offer our services from a single location ‘one-stop-shop’.


For people and companies operating across national borders, specialised integral fiscal-legal support is crucial and adds value when it comes to realising international ambitions. LIMES international have been providing integrated services in the area of corporate tax, employee tax and social security for more than thirty years.